iPaymu.com Pembayaran Online Indonesia

iPaymu.com Pembayaran Online Indonesia Increased service providers selling / buying online and shop online to make the perpetrators of internet marketing as well as owner of e-commerce, desperately need a reliable means of payment and have the credibility to facilitate the buying process and expedite the transaction. Now has come an online payment system with a very comprehensive service, iPayMu.com

Online Payment Processor nation's children, iPayMu.com serves an online payment, the payment using debit cards, credit cards have a function to draw up and send money. A product which is very needed by the perpetrators of e-commerce in Indonesia. In addition, iPayMu also provide products that are the result of integration of three separate businesses, between others, e-commerce solutions, payment gateway / payment business network and merchant services business. Everything is connected to the ATMs across Indonesia.

Amazingly the entire system can be run easily by users because it does not require programming, all plug and play system of systems iPayMu and webstore. So that the perpetrators of Internet marketing can have its own payment system in the website business. This system can be enjoyed by top up, which means users must have some funds in the account iPayMu to be able to do several transactions. iPaymu.com Pembayaran Online Indonesia

Some advantages of online payments with iPaymu are:

    * Setup cannot get paid for online payments instantly.
    * Integrated into the product, donation, subscription products, shopping carts with fast payment.
    * IPayMu integrate online business bank serving with 87 cash withdrawals throughout Indonesia.
    * IPayMu credit card facility has been integrated with multi-currency.
    * One account iPayMu can be used for all bank accounts (87 Banks).
    * IPayMu have a Escrow service / Joint Account.
    * IPayMu connected to the ATM Bersama and ATM Prima throughout Indonesia.
    * IPayMu can be used for transactions in Indonesia or abroad to Indonesia.

iPaymu.com Pembayaran Online Indonesia


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